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Criminal Lawyers in Melbourne

The team at Joseph Burke Law have the education, the experience and the skill to overcome the numerous tactical advantages that are available to the well funded police and prosecution agencies in Victoria and Australia.

Since 2013, our gun legal team has appeared in all courts that hear criminal matters, including the High Court of Australia, and the Court of Appeal of the Supreme Court of Victoria.

If you want to get the best legal advice possible, your only option is to retain Melbourne criminal lawyers who have the education, the experience and the skill to turn an uphill battle into a fair and reasonable fight that can be won.


Latest news from our blog

  • When should you call a criminal lawyer?
    Written by
    on 15 Jan 2019

    When should you call a criminal lawyer?

    When you need a criminal lawyer, you need them instantly. Waiting around for two weeks for an appointment is useless. It could be that the police have conducted a search or perhaps you have had to go attend court because of an intervention order.  In circumstances such as these, waiting to speak to a lawyer can be lead to bad outcomes.

  • Do I have a Self Defence case?
    Written by
    on 09 Jan 2019

    Self defence is a type of legal defence that arises in response to offenses against the person such as assault, affray and murder.

    In order to invoke a self defence case, you need to address two main criteria.

  • Why I should use private criminal lawyers?
    Written by
    on 22 Sep 2018

    The alternative to using private criminal lawyers is to use a free legal service, or to use no representation.

    Anyone who self represents has a fool for a lawyer, so it is really only necessary to compare private lawyers to free legal services.


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