Written by  Joseph 2018-09-22

Why I should use private criminal lawyers?

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The alternative to using private criminal lawyers is to use a free legal service, or to use no representation.

Anyone who self represents has a fool for a lawyer, so it is really only necessary to compare private lawyers to free legal services.

The primary benefit of using private criminal lawyers is that a private lawyer will typically operate a reduced case load, and multiple benefits flow from this.

A private lawyer has more time to devote to your case, and tends to be easier to contact and communicate with.

Free legal services are widely utilised, massively underfunded, and at overcapacity. It is common for some lawyers operating free legal services to deal with fifty cases per week.
It is not suprising then for clients of free legal services to find it difficult to contact their lawyers.

With private criminal lawyers, you can expect to call them and get a response within 24 hours, if not immediately.


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