The state liberal government has made it a priority to place transit protective service officers at train stations throughout Melbourne. These officers have become a familiar fixture around the public transport hubs. However, it has been reported that some officers have been too liberal in dispensing fines, and have exceeded their legal authority to do so.

In response to concerns that the overcrowding of prisons in Victoria has resulted in some prisoners not being brought to court, a pilot program has been announced which will involve the Magistrates' Court sitting on weekends. The logic behind it, is that if bail applications can be heard on the weekend, it potentially frees up a spot on the list on the next weekday.

The Road Safety Act 1986 challenges the Income Tax Assessment Act in terms of legal complexity. Governments, it seems, can not help themselves but to find new and creative ways of punishing drivers for engaging in risky behaviour. The latest changes to come in force involve increased fines and demerit points for using a mobile phone while driving.