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Criminal Lawyers in Melbourne

  • Joseph Burke - Legal Director, BSc, BA, JD (Melb)

Joseph has the education, the experience and the skill to overcome the numerous tactical advantages that are available to the well funded police and prosecution agencies in Vicoria and Australia.

Educated at the University of Melbourne, he continues to apply the lessons he has learnt from the best lawyers in criminal law by appearing in all courts that hear criminal matters throughout Melbourne, Victoria and the rest of the Australia.

If you want to get the best legal advice possible, your only option is to retain Melbourne criminal lawyers who have the education, the experience and the skill to turn an uphill battle into a fair and reasonable fight that can be won.


Latest news from our blog

  • What to do when the police apply to forfeit my car?
    Written by
    on 22 Jun 2018

    Circumstances exist in the Road Safety Act which allow the police to apply to a court to forfeit your Car.

    It's aimed at so called hoon drivers, but like all laws has a net that can ensnare many drivers who have at least three traffic offences in their history.

    What can you do if it happens to you?

  • Firearm Prohibition Orders
    Written by
    on 13 Mar 2018

    The state government passed the Firearms Ammendment Bill in both houses in early February, and is currently waiting on the governor's assent to become law.

    This ammendment to the Firarms Act will create a firearms prohibition order that will stop subjected individuals from lawfully possessing or using firearms. The new laws will target those with a history of crime, criminal association or who otherwise pose a risk to public safety.

  • Steps involved in summary crime
    Written by
    on 29 Mar 2017

    Summary offences and some indictable offences can also be dealt with through the summary stream of the Magistrates' Court.

    Did you know that there are three main stages involved in the summary prosecution process?


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