Written by  Joseph Burke 2013-12-05

Transit Protective Service Officers found to have issued fines without authority

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The state liberal government has made it a priority to place transit protective service officers at train stations throughout Melbourne. These officers have become a familiar fixture around the public transport hubs. However, it has been reported that some officers have been too liberal in dispensing fines, and have exceeded their legal authority to do so.

We would like to remind readers that Protective Services Officers do not have unfettered authority to issue infringement notices in certain circumstances. For example, officers may have the authority to issue infringement notices for parking offences under the Road Safety Act 1986, but they may not be able to fine motorists for Road Safety Act 1986 traffic offences.

If you have been fined by a transit PSO for an offence unrelated to transit matters, you are advised to seek legal advice before paying the fine.







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