Written by  Joseph 2018-03-13

Firearm Prohibition Orders

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The state government passed the Firearms Ammendment Bill in both houses in early February, and is currently waiting on the governor's assent to become law.

This ammendment to the Firarms Act will create a firearms prohibition order that will stop subjected individuals from lawfully possessing or using firearms. The new laws will target those with a history of crime, criminal association or who otherwise pose a risk to public safety.

Harsh penalties have long existed for possession of firearms by individuals who are prohibitied from doing so. Such prohibitions apply to current prisoners, for fairly obvious reasons. They also apply to recent former prisoners, and people who are currently subject to intervention orders, among others.

However, until this time, police have not had the power to actively impose a firearms prohibition order on a person who has not been charged and did not otherwise fall into a category allowing such an order.



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