Drug offences

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Drug offences are regarded as serious due to the purported effect that they can have upon other crimes. It is for this reason that the penalties are so severe.

Related Offences:

  1. Use Drug of Dependence
  2. Possess Drug of Dependence
  3. Traffick Drug of Dependence
  4. Traffick Drug of Dependence, Large Commercial Quantity
  5. Cultivation


  1. Claim of Right
  2. Mistake
  3. Duress


Sentencing in drug offences can range from a good behavior bond or diversion for small level possession, right up to significant imprisonment terms for traffick large commercial quantity or cultivation. In determining the sentence, courts have regard to a wide range of factors that include the type of drug trafficked, how much of it was involved, how pure it was and its street value. Further factors often taken into consideration include the degree of planning involved and the length of time involved in the commission of the offence. Although the head sentence can be significant, there is real variation in sentencing for serious drug offences.


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