Written by  Joseph Burke 2016-08-22

When should I call criminal lawyers?

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There can often be confusion as to when it is in one's best interests to call for help from criminal lawyers in Melbourne.

Should you call:
(a) before the police have interviewed you?
(b) before the police have charged you?
(c) before the court date?
(d) After you have been warned by the Magistrate to seek legal advice?

Ideally, you should contact criminal lawyers before the police interview you. The earlier lawyers get involved, the better your chances of getting the best result.

There are a number of reasons for this, but the main one is that lawyers have experience in dealing with situations that are similar to yours. They can advise when it is worthwhile to give a no comment police interview, and when it is worthwhile to answer police questions. In certain circumstances, they can also suggest to police alternative avenues of enquiry that can prevent you from being charged.

But even if you have been charged, and you haven't had the benefit of legal advice up to this point, it's still worthwhile to get lawyers involved well before your court date. It ensures that your lawyer will be well prepared on your court date. It gives them time to examine your case, and potentially identify evidentiary issues that will sink the prosecution case. It also allows your lawyers to organise character evidence, or psychological reports should this be relevant.

Importantly, contacting a criminal lawyer gives peace of mind.

It's not expensive.

Joseph Burke Law does not charge for initial appointments or telephone advice (although normal telephone costs apply).

So ring 03 9008 6992, and speak to a criminal lawyer today.

Help is just a phone call away.



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